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PostHeaderIcon 90 Day Challenge @ Lifetime Fitness – 5k

Today was the Lifetime Fitness 90 Day Challenge 5K. My trainer Sara Hottovy got me to do the 5k, trust me I was trying to think of ways to get out of it. Lisa joined me. I didn’t do the full 5k I did 2.5k which is about 1.5 miles. By the time I got to the starting point (it was loop we were supposed do twice) I was very tried and wondering how I was going to do a second lap. But there were several others on my team who were first timers and they had decided to stop so I didn’t feel so bad about it. I do have a new goal to finish a 5k and I know I will.

After the walk we were going back to the gym. As we were walking up the step my back seized up on me as I was moving to the next step. I couldn’t move it hurt so bad. Lance on the trainers and the one who walked with me, asked if I was ok. I told him “no” and explained what happened. He got me a chair and ice packs. I think I sat there on the steps for about 15 minutes before I move again.

I have to say I am proud that I tried the 5k and made it to the 2.5k mark (about 1.5 miles). I wish I could have finished but I will get it next time!

Lisa and Kim Frick

Tri-Sara-Tops Team![/caption]

PostHeaderIcon Working Out!

A while ago I decided I needed to start exercising. So Lisa and I joined Lifetime Fitness, thinking motivation in numbers would be a good thing. Mary just loves Zumbia so we tried that. Lisa liked it, but I didn’t care for it all that much. It was to hard for me to learn all the step on the fly. I know if I kept going I would get it, but, it just didn’t really see worth it to me. I also tried Soul Grooves which is similar to Zumbia but didn’t seem as fast paced, Hip hop was interesting but I found I just really don’t care for group classes. Then Lisa and I tried using a trainer. We got Kristi. She is a petite thing and a ball of fire. Let me tell you she can put us through our paces. I look forward to going each Wednesday. Well ok, some days I don’t want to go, and even though I am tired after the working with her I do feel better. Here are a few pictures of us working out.

Kim working the Arms

Kim working the legs

Go Lisa Go!

PostHeaderIcon It’s Been A Year!!!

A year has passed and what a ride. There have been ups and downs, but it has been worth it. I was recently asked if I would recommend this surgery? The answer is yes, if you have tried everything else. No matter what anyone says this has not been and easy journey. I’ve had to look deep inside and fight the mind games I’ve had for years. Am I sailing along now? No, I have days where I struggle with my head telling me I want x or y. But now I finally have the tools I need to keep on going.

I am not at my goal weight, I have about 65 more pounds to lose. But I know I will get there. Here is a snapshot of where I started to where I am right now.

PostHeaderIcon I can say I am proud of myself now!

I’ve been reflecting lately on my weight loss. I remember wondering after the surgery if I would really lose the weight. All my life it has been a battle and I continually lost. But now, have lost 120 pounds and feeling great. I was talking with my boss and gave him an update on my progress, yes he could see it, but when I told him how much I had lost he was shocked. He stated he didn’t think I had that much to lose, I smiled and it hit me, that I had in fact lost a person (weight wise). I still have a hard time believing that I’ve lost this much. I have times when I still view myself before surgery. I was told that would happen and really couldn’t see how you could still feel the same as before losing so much weight. But all I need to do is look in the mirror and see the change. Yes I can see it, there was a time when I couldn’t.

About a week or so ago Mary and I went down to a function at work where they where showcasing the new breakfast menu that would be served in the hotels. We walked around and looked at things and I didn’t feel like a cow trying to wind my way through lots of people. We stopped and talked a couple of co-worker while they were eating. As I stood there, I felt almost normal. People weren’t taking a wide birth around me, yes I was watching. While I still have over 80 lbs to lose, I am proud of just how far I’ve come.

I have reclaimed the life I hadn’t realized I’d lost.
I can walk up and down stairs without becoming breathless
I can walk for more than 15 minutes without looking for a place to sit down
I can try on clothes in the store and am always thrilled when they fit
I went shopping with my daughter in Stillwater, we spent several hours going through antique malls, had lunch and spent a wonderful day together. That would not have happened before surgery. I will treasure that day.
I am now crossing my leg, and the best part is my foot doesn’t stick out so far in front of me.
I can get down on my knee’s and while it still hurts, I can stand up without feeling like I need a crane to get me back on my feet. To be honest, it’s still not super easy yet, but it’s a start and I know I can do it.

For the first time in my life, I am proud of myself. Sure I have times when old habits creep in, but I know how to stop them, and get back on the right path. I have a wonderful supportive family and without their love and support I know I wouldn’t be able to keep on going.

So if anyone is thinking of having this surgery I urge you to do it. It changed my life for the better. My one real regret is that I didn’t do this years ago.

PostHeaderIcon Happy 90th Birthday Tom!!

Today was a very nice day. We celebrated my father-in-law’s 90th birthday. The party was held at Jax Restaurant in Minneapolis. We have about 45 people come to help him celebrate. My nephew Blake and his wife flew in from Atlanta which was a wonderful surprise for us all.

PostHeaderIcon Minnesota Twins Night

Tonight was a fun night, I was awarded two tickets from work to the Twins Game. It was in the company’s suite and was it ever nice. There were other 10 other employees with us. Our hosts had sheets with questions about the game to answer before it started. If you answer was correct as the game progressed you won a prize. I got a Twins Baseball hat.

They served hamburgers, hot dogs, walleye and chicken fingers. We had chips and dip, pop, wine, beer, and water. Then there was the desert cart! OMG it was fabulous, just about every kind of desert you could want. From cake, to cheesecake, to cup cakes to pastries. Tom took the OMG this good Carrot cake. Yes that is what they made him call it. I had a taste of it, and it was really good. I choose the New York style cheesecake and it was yummy. The suite had two high tables, and then one longer table that over looked the stadium. Then here were two rows of seats with an overhang to keep the weather off. It was a little chilly that night, but the heaters above the seats were most welcome. They also had two flat screen TV’s one in the suite and one above the seats. So it was nice to be able to look up and see the players. The Twins played the Kansas City Royals and won so that was a bonus.

The picture below was captured by an employee who was not with our group (Thanks Jenelle). She looked up at the jumbtron and saw us and made her husband take a picture with his cell phone. It’s a great memory and I’m so glad I got to go!

PostHeaderIcon 6 Months – Down 101

It’s been little over 6 months since my surgery. I got on the scale this morning and finally broke the 100 pound mark. I was thrilled beyond belief to see I had lost 101 pounds. Unless you’ve been through this you can’t fully understand how I feel, and to be perfect honest a part of me didn’t think it was possible. But the scale doesn’t lie. I did a happy dance after I stepped off, to my family enjoyment. I still have a long way to go, but I have come a long too.

Thoughts after the 6 month surgaversary

There are so many wonderful things and a few things that I miss.

What do I miss? Bread, sandwiches, French fries, hamburgers and hot dogs with the bun (see the bred thing)

What I’ve gained –
Enjoying walking, I can walk longer than 15 minutes with out pain in my back.
Wearing smaller clothes, I put on one of my hubbies tee-shirts and it was a little big. YAY
Having more energy, I’m actually shopping in stores now and not just online.
Fitting in theater seats and my legs not touching the arm rests.
Tying my shoes with out straining
Walking up stairs and not being out of breath
There are so many more.. but the biggest thing –
Feeling good about myself, looking in the mirror and smiling instead of cringing at that large person.

Here is a shot of me starting with the day of surgery, 3 months, 6 months..

PostHeaderIcon A Red Letter Day!!

So I woke up, did my normal morning routine and just as I was about to walk out the door I decided to weigh myself. I figure I had lost another pound. But as I watched the numbers appear I was shocked. I had lost 4.2 pounds, taking me below 300 for the first time in I don’t know how long! It funny how when you are gaining weight a number like 298.2 makes you want to cry. But as I am now going down that number is wonderful! That means if I want to buy panty hose I don’t have look for the one over 300.

I can see a difference in my body. My stomach is smaller I have a little more lap room, the one thing I hate is how flabby my upper arms look, but I will take it. Knowing that after all the weight is gone that will go to. My face is thiner as well. Several people have already commented to me about the weight loss and its nice to hear.

I feel great! I have more energy than I can ever remember having. I am actually enjoying going out and shopping. I used to avoid it, but my daughter Lisa and I have made several shopping trips.

I do not regret having this surgery at all.

Whoooohooooo I’m under 300 pounds!!!

PostHeaderIcon Two WoW moments!!

I had couple of WOW moments this past week. But before I go into those I want to report I am down 58 pounds. This is just thrilling for me, to be honest there was a part of me deep down in side that thought I would fail yet again. But they just keep melting away!!

So I went to the store because I needed to some pants that fit. The ones I have are falling down a lot. What I found was have dropped TWO pant sizes. I was shocked and happy at the same time! YAY me!
Then on Saturday we went to see Percy Jackson Lightening Thief. When I sat down in the theater seat, my legs didn’t hit the sides of the arm rests!! Whooohooo I was comfortable for the first time in I don’t know how long!

It was a good week!!

PostHeaderIcon 2 Month Anniversary!!

Today it has been two months since surgery! I’ve lost 50.8 pounds in that time that are now gone forever!!!. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. For the most part everything has gone really well. I’m able to eat anything I want with out any real issues. I only had one bad experience and that was last night. I had chicken for dinner, it tasted so yummy. But I got distracted while chewing and swallowed a piece that was a bit to big. I can’t tell you how much it hurt. It was a big reminder to chew, chew, chew, and pay attention to what I’m doing.

While I can’t really see it looking in the mirror that those 50 pounds are gone, I have other ways that I can tell. Here is a short list:

  • Sitting in chairs with metal arms at work no longer hurt
  • Wearing a size smaller tops
  • My pants are to big and I have to keep pulling them up when I walk (I have new ones coming)
  • I have more energy
  • I fit better in my desk chair at work
  • My rings are spinning around on my fingers
  • My watch is spinning around on wrist.
  • These are little things in the grand scheme of things but are important to me. Today is a good day!!