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PostHeaderIcon Time to check things out..

Mary asked me to go with her to an orientation class on Gastric Bypass Surgery at Park Nicollet. This something she really wants to do and hopes I will decide to do the same thing. I’m not so sure, but I agreed to go with her. What could it hurt right? After the 2 ½ hour session I went to the back of the room and registered and picked up the packet. Even if I don’t decide to do it right away, I have the option doing it later and by registering they have record I attended the session and won’t have to do it again. There was a lot of good information and the statistics they gave were impressive.

After the session Mary and I went out for dinner and completed the true/false test. She is super excited about this, and is trying to hype me up too. I just not so sure, but I know I need to do something.