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PostHeaderIcon Frustration…

frustrationI was transferred to talk about setting up the appointment to be fitted to a machine. I asked the woman (who was very nice) if I could use my sister in laws machine. Her response was you can if it’s an Auto Set machine. So I conference in my husband and had him look at the machine. Well of course it wasn’t an Auto Set. She explained that 6 years ago this was the machine they used and still do use today when a person has an exact air pressure to be programmed into the machine. However, since I didn’t need to have the cpap placed on me during the study there was no “prescription” thus the need for the auto set machine. She did say that her machine could be used but would be a trial and error until we found the correct setting for me. Well I was game for that, after finding out a machine costs $3,800.00. Yes Insurance will cover it AFTER the deductible is met. And before anyone says “well you can rent it.” Yes you can for $189 a month. Again insurance will cover it AFTER the deductible has been met.

The woman was very understanding and even asked her manager why in this economy the machine I had access to couldn’t be used. The answer, -We aren’t doing that at this time and until the insurance companies mandate that we do the Auto set is what must be used..-

Needless to say that pissed me off and ok I acted like a baby but I refused to make the appointment. I’ve calmed down now, thought things over and will be making an appointment next week, though I will be calling my insurance company and see if they can help change their minds. If anything let them know what’s going on.

PostHeaderIcon The results are in………

sleepapnea1I received a call from the sleep study with the results. It seems I do in fact have Sleep Apnea. It seems that I stopped breathing 18 times in a hour, now after talking to my sister in law that is nothing compared to her. She stopped breathing 60 times in an hour. So what does this mean? I have the option to do nothing (which is what I would like to do) or go in for a fitting and get the machine.

I talked my sister in law who no longer uses her machine and asked if I could use it. She said sure and it is now sitting in my family room. However, I’m not sure they will let me use this machine, I need to check with the sleep clinic and see if there is a problem with it. I am sure the sleep store would rather sell me a machine instead of just a mask But at this point I need to start saving money where I can.

For those who don’t know what sleep apnea is, here is a link will explain in better detail than I can. Please visit this link Sleep Apnea

PostHeaderIcon Mother’s Day

purplerose1 Today was an extremely nice day. I woke up at 8 am, Tom and the kids were taking me out to brunch at Champs. We had to be there around 9ish in hopes of getting in. This was the first year they did reservations for 9 am. Normally it’s just Tom and I that go out for brunch but since this might be the last time I can do a big brunch the kids agreed to come as well. What’s even nicer is they paid. Yes I did have to document this!

Sarah gave me a lovely card, as did Tom. I got Happy Mother days wishes from Tommy and Lisa.

Sarah and Lisa had to work in the afternoon, so Tom took me to see the new Star Trek movie. It was really good, and I would like to see it again. I know I missed a lot of stuff! After the movie we came home and I went into a food coma and slept most of the afternoon. It was a lazy day but a very nice one!

PostHeaderIcon After the sleep study.. dum dum dum

Today at work the Sleep Center called me to schedule an appointment. She had noted I requested a Friday night appointment and then said, “We just had a cancellation would you like to come in tonight?” After taking a deep breath I agreed. So tonight I will be going to the Sleep Center for the night. I have to be there at 7:30pm and released at 7:00 am. This will be an adventure one I would rather not have explore…… how bad can it be?

After the sleep study.. dum dum dum

Well it was an adventure! One I hope not to ever have to repeat. It wasn’t really all that bad but….

I arrived at 7:30 with my pillow, jammies, change of clothes and other essentials. Check in at admitting and go up to the 3rd floor of the MeadowBrook building. I am greeted by a very nice technician who took me to my room. The room was small with a double bed, two end tables, small desk with chair, a fan (thank heavens), and a TV mounted on the wall. I am instructed to change into my jammies and wait. At about 8pm she gets me and takes me into a room filled with all sorts of wires. I am then told it will take about a half hour to attached the necessary wire. A wire was placed on each calf, two on my chest, three on my chin, one by each eye, three on my forehead, and I’m not sure how many on my head. The wires on my heard were attached with a paste.

I was lead back to my room and told at about 10 she would check on me and see if I was ready to go to sleep. Surprisingly at 10 I was ready and she proceeded to hook up all the wires to a box mounted on the head board. She then said that if I stopped breathing a certain number of times in a hour she would wake me and put on a Cpap.

It didn’t’ take me to long to fall sleep, though I was in and out of sleep most of the night, new place and all. At 4 am I pulled the buzzer to go to the restroom. After taking care of my business I went to the mirror to see what I looked liked. Oh my I could have scared small children with all the wires on my face and head. I went back to bed and fell back to sleep. She woke me up at 6:15 saying she let me sleep a little longer since I was dreaming.

As she was taking the wires off she told me she didn’t have to put the Cpap on me, although I did stop breathing it wasn’t enough for them to use the device. YAY me. So hopefully after the doctor reviews all the data, I still won’t be asked to use one. This is yet another reason for this surgery, I am almost positive the mild sleep apnea is caused by the weight.

PostHeaderIcon Sleep Study

Today at work the Sleep Center called me to schedule an appointment. She had noted I requested a Friday night appointment and then said, “We just had a cancellation would you like to come in tonight?” After taking a deep breath I agreed. So tonight I will be going to the Sleep Center for the night. I have to be there at 7:30pm and released at 7:00 am. This will be an adventure one I would rather not have explore…… how bad can it be?

PostHeaderIcon Possible insurance woes

If anyone knows me they know that I will always see the worse possible scenario. So here I go, after all the doctor appointments I decided to call my insurance company and find out what was required to be approved for this surgery. I was told I needed 2 years proof of failed weight loss attempts. I thought no sweat, I can just call LA Weight loss and get my records. HA!! The company is now closed AND I can’t get a hold of anyone at the corporate offices either. The voice mailbox is full and the other line is just a busy signal.


Where does that leave me? Sounds like I might not be able to have the surgery this year. That really bums me out too. I’ve been told to just take one day at a time and see with happens when they submit my request to the insurance company after doing everything they are requiring me to do now.

PostHeaderIcon The Journey begins!!

Today I had my first appointment (of many) at the Park Nicollet Bariatric Surgery Center. I had 3 appointments scheduled back to back starting at 10 am, 11am, and 12pm.

The first appointment was with the Bariatric Nurse Clinician, Samantha was awesome, she did all the nurse type things. Then she took my “before” photo, hip and waist measurements. She answered a ton of questions and ended giving me a folder to keep all the paperwork in.

My next appointment was with Dr. Wiita she covered my past medical history and recommended I do a sleep study. Whoohoo I am so looking forward to that one… Not! She explained what the procedure would be and also scheduled more blood tests to see the vitamin levels in my body. She told me I could have to start taking 1,000mgs of Vitamin D. This vitamin aids in keeping your bones healthy. If you don’t have enough of this vitamin it can cause osteomalacia (softening of the bones). I will find out if I am deficient in this area. She then sent me off to get an EKG.

After the EKG I went in for psychological testing. The test was over 600 questions.. Ok there were two tests, one was 569 and the other around 32 or so.

By the time all of this was said and done it was 2:15pm. A very long day. I have a list of things I need to do.

Schedule 6 visit with my doctor for nutritional education must in consecutive and 30 days apart.
Do the blood test
Take a Sleep Test – someone will call me to set it up
Schedule my next set of appointments – that is done and I go on May 29th.

I am starting to get excited, but trying not to. By doing all of this the earliest I could have the surgery would be this October. Time will tell!