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PostHeaderIcon The mask to better breathing

Last night was the first night using the CPAP machine, I got it all set up turned it on so the humidifier could warm up and got ready for bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed I picked up the mask and looked at it for a few minutes before putting it on. Ok so this wasn’t so bad. Then I laid down on my back, I felt like I couldn’t breathe out. Every time I exhaled my nose would whistle. That is a sound I just can’t stand. But I remembered what they said at the sleep store, “you are breathing out to hard.” Ok so I tried not to exhale as hard. But then I didn’t feel like I was really exhaling at all so I would open my mouth. Oh don’t do that, all that air going up you nose then rushes out of your mouth. After about 5 minutes I started to worried if I could get comfortable. Ok roll over on your side, then the mask would move and I would have to adjust it. I must have tossed and turned a 100 times before I finally settled in. I started thinking of pleasant things and trying to relax my body. It must have worked because I know I feel asleep. I don’t know what time it was but at some point during the night I opened my mouth and that woke me up. It didn’t take to long to go back to sleep.

Do I feel like I am more rested? No..

I talked to Ryan at the sleep store, they made a follow up call to see how my first night was. I told him my experience and well I am normal. Though he did ask me call them back tonight when I get home and he is going to change a setting on the machine to help me exhale easier. He said the setting that was programmed in was the hardest of the easiest setting. LOL

I also think I want a different mask, I have 30 days to get a different mask at no charge. The one I think I want doesn’t have any straps that go over the face maybe then I won’t have the adjustment problem. I have to say I will never win any beauty contest with the mask on. My husband was very good and didn’t make any remarks at how it looked. I really appreciated it too! cpapmask

PostHeaderIcon Second set of appointments

drappointmentOn May 29th I went in for the visit with the physical therapist, dietitian, and psychologist.

Talk about a long day. I arrived at 8:30 for my appointment with the physical therapist. To be completely honest I wasn’t looking forward to this appointment at all. I joked around that at age 51 I was finally going to learn how to walk. But in reality it was a fun appointment. Karen was a blast and we did a lot of laughing. After completing all the paper work and questionnaires we went out into the room with a monitor on my finger measuring my heart rate we started walking. We walked for 6 minutes and I had to tell her how I was feeling as we walked. I have to tell you I am so out of shape its embarrassing. She didn’t make me feel bad in the least, and told me that I walked 1.5 mph. After walking we went back into the office and she went over some stretching exercises to do every day, in addition to walking 5 minutes x2 day and each week increasing the amount. I am doing this and it feels good.

Next was the meeting with the psychologist to go over all the millions of questions I had to answer in the first set of meeting. What she had to say was dead on, how they got that from those quests is beyond me. In the end she said she didn’t see anything would stop me from having the surgery. So Green light there! YAY

Then I met with Morgan the dietitian. She looked over the food log I had kept and said for the most part I was eating right. Some of the changes she wanted me to make was to start getting more protein. Replacing my current snacks with protein drinks, I have started this, but I have to say I forget at time to grab a drink instead of an apple. But I am getting better.

I now just have to see my doctor every month until September. Once those appointments are done my paperwork will be submitted to the insurance company. It will then be in there hands to whether or not I have the surgery.

PostHeaderIcon Blood test results

I got a letter in the mail with the results of my blood test. They were pretty much as I expected, which is good. Dr. Wiita told me before the test that my vitamin D would probably be low. She was correct, but I wasn’t prepared to the prescription. I have to take 1 table once a week for 8 week’s, the dosage is 50,000 IU’s. I was shocked, my multi vitamin has 1,000IU and I take that daily. At the end of the 8 weeks I am sure there will be another blood draw to see how it’s improved. I think what’s more surprising is that we are rarely tested on our vitamin levels I wonder why? I will have to ask the Doctor at my next visit this month. For those interested here is what Vitamin D does for our bodies. Vitamin D