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Today was my last nutritional doctor appointment. I had gained three pounds which didn’t make me to happy, but the doctor didn’t think it would hurt my chances. I had contact the bariatric clinic last week to find out if my doctor needed to do anything special for the last appointment. The Samantha, the nurse pulled up my record and said everything looked fine she just needed to keep doing what she was doing. So right before I left I told her the sooner she dictated the notes the sooner I would be submitted to insurance, she grinned and said she would do as soon as I left.

When I got back to the office Samantha called and said she would be giving my paperwork to Jenifer to process! WHOHOOO, I then called Jennifer at the bariatric clinic, she handles all the insurance paperwork. My friend Mary made the suggestion that I give her a heads up since we had the same insurance company and maybe she could do what she did to get Mary approved. Jenifer said she remembered all the hoops they had to go through to get Mary approved and what finally worked as submitting her whole chart. She said she would don’t that for me in hopes it would make the process go smoother. I have my fingers crossed.
Now waiting to hear back from the insurance company, I was told it could take a week to a month to hear back.

Soooooooo now I wait!!! I am really excited!!

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waitingI guess I should have posted more but to be honest I really didn’t have a lot to say. I am using the CPAP machine faithfully now, and as much as I hate to admit it, I do think I get a better nights sleep using than when I miss a night. I still have times when I can’t face putting it on and will sleep without it, but the next night it right back on.

September 25th is my last official doctor visit before the paper work is submitted to the insurance company for the surgery. Up to this point I wasn’t sure if I really would go through with it. But now that it’s getting close this is something I do want. That’s not to say I don’t have fears, I do. Sometimes if you write your fear down it takes the power of them away so I thought I would post them as well as what I hope for the future.

1. I won’t be approved. It’s taken me a long time to get to this point and I am worried the insurance will find something and some way to prevent this from being approved the first time. This would also cost me more money too..
2. Dying after surgery – I’ve been told that’s pretty common, after all we are all going to die at some point. The reason for the fear, I knew someone who after 4 week post op died. I’m not sure of all the complication and it was 6 years go, but that did leave a lasting impression and one of the reasons it took me so long to come around.
3. I will be sick all the time – Sometimes reading the bariatric forums can be a bad thing. For every post where someone complains that they are sick, can’t keep food down, ect there must be 10 who have no problems at all. It’s good to know this could happen but is a fear.
4. Not finding foods like – I like to eat, I enjoy my food, I fear that finding a replacement whether it’s new types of food, exercise, etc., will be a long time in coming. Stupid I know but it’s there.
5. I will fail. I’ve failed at all other weight loss attempts

What I’m looking forward too:
1. Having more energy.
2. Being healthier
3. Being more active with family
4. Crossing my legs
5. Taking a bath and getting out without worrying I will hurt something
6. Fitting comfortably in a theater chair
7. Using a normal seat belt in an airplane
8. Taking walks with out having to sit down every 15 minutes
9. Walking up and down stairs with out breathing hard
10. Buying clothes in stores and not online

There are many more thing I am looking forward to, and the positives out weigh the fears. I have a good support system in my family and friends. My sister-in-law- had this surgery 6 years ago and she is doing fine, my friend Mary had the surgery in April on my birthday.. and she is doing great and looking wonderful!

I have my fingers crossed that I will be approved and my journey can to a healthier lifestyle will move forward.

**The image is my own art work called Waiting.