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PostHeaderIcon The Waiting is Over!!

The waiting is officially over! Jenifer from the clinic called me this morning stating she had called UMR to check to if they received the paperwork and if they had everything they needed. She was told they did and that I was APPROVED!! This news couldn’t have come at a better time. So now the next steps.

November 4th at 11 am I go in for a gall batter ultrasound, then at 1pm I meet with Dr. Svendsen I will find out what my surgery date is then.
November 23rd I meet with the dietician to talk about pre and post of diet.

This is really going to happen. I am just sooooo excited!

PostHeaderIcon Still waiting a little less frustration

Today I received a call from Michelle at UMR. She said they have my paperwork and she is marking it as a rush. I asked how long she thought it would take to review all the information and she said she thought there would be a determination by Monday and said she would call me with the result. I am slowly getting closer, now to just try and stay calm for a few more days. What I really want to do is call her back and say since you all messed up, just approve me and fax me the approval letter now. But.. I won’t.. Monday can’t get here fast enough

PostHeaderIcon Waiting the Unknown and more Frustration

My paperwork was submitted to the insurance company on September 28th. I called UMR and they received the paperwork on September 30th, I was told it goes into review and that can take 15 days. So that puts it out until October 21st if I don’t count the actual date it arrived. Needless to say I hope it doesn’t take the full 15 days, because this unknown is driving me crazy. I feel like I am on hold. I don’t want to buy any new clothes, because if I am approved it will be a waist of money. Yet if I’m not approved, I’m going to miss out on the sales. Also planning my vacation is on hold though we are going to San Diego in November no matter what the results are.

Then work through a wrench into things by announcing that next year we are going to have a new insurance company. So now I have a fear that I will be refused because my company will no longer be with UMR. Then all the money I have put towards the various deductibles will disappear. Then the fear is will the new insurance company cover this procedure. A part of me is kicking myself for waiting so long to start the process, I’m ready now to have it done begin my life again.

So I decided to call UMR again just a few minutes ago only to find out that the group that does the reviews hasn’t any record of my paperwork. So with Michelle from UMR on the line I called the clinic and talked with Jenifer who provided the fax number and name she faxed the paperwork to. It seems that Courtney either never received it, or didn’t forward it on. Jenifer is faxing the paperwork directly to Michelle today. Michelle stated she would put a rush review on it, and call me to let me know that she had received the paperwork.

I am now frustrated and even more concerned and on pins and needles. Keep your fingers crossed.