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PostHeaderIcon New Years Eve

Today was really uneventful. We had called our friends Dennis and Carol to invite them over for New Years Eve but both of them were sick so we are going to try and get together in a couple of weeks. Lisa had to work until 11:30 pm so it was just Tom and I. He played on his laptop and I played EQ2. At midnight Tom and I kissed and then we went to bed. Like I said very uneventful!

PostHeaderIcon Shopping at Trader Joes

Today was rather quite, coughing, spitting up, coughing, and more coughing. I don’t think the Z pack is really doing much for me. . For breakfast I had eggs, lunch I had more refried beans with sour cream. Mary called and said she was going to go to Trader Joes and wanted to know if I would like to go with her. I jumped at the chance. It was bitterly cold but I dress warmly.

Mary showed me a few of her favorite things to get. I picked up some greek yogurt, there are several kinds some higher in calories and sugar. I picked up the lower in calories and sugar. She also showed me the turkey meat balls she loves. I picked up a package of those as well a teriyaki barbeque chicken package.

For dinner I tried turkey chili, I added some of the greek yogurt and was surprised how good that tasted.

PostHeaderIcon First Post Op Appointment

Today was my first post op appointment. My blood pressure was little high, but she said it was still in the normal range. This morning I ate a scrambled egg for breakfast and it went down just fine. I was so happy. Samantha said I could start he puree diet. Whooohoo. Tom came with me so he could ask any questions he might have. Sam said that I should be on the puree diet so for dinner I had refried beans with sour cream. Yummm.. I just wish this cough would go away..

PostHeaderIcon Second outing.. Whew!

Today I went out with Mary, we were going to go to Wal-Mart for a few things Mary needed then off to a movie. However, while in the car I had a pretty bad coughing attack. We decided going to the movie might not be such a good thing so Wal-Mart it was.

I didn’t do to bad, we walked a fair amount for my first time really out. We were just about done when my body said it had enough. I found a place to lean/sit while Mary finished getting what she needed. We checked out and she dropped me off. I was glad to be out and walking around. I did take quite a long nap after I got home.

PostHeaderIcon First Outting

Today was my soon to be niece Jamie’s bridal shower, and my first outing since surgery.
The shower was held at a long time family favorite restaurant Kozlack’s Royal Oak, in Shoreviw MN. My sister in law and her daughter Dawn threw the bridal shower. It was a buffet and it looked very good. I was able to get a bowl of chicken broth so didn’t feel left out. We all had a good time, and Jamie got a lot of very nice things to start her married life.

I hopped on the scale and I am down to 356 six pounds away from the weight on my drivers license. I can’t remember the last time I put down my correct weight.

My cough is still persistent and I am very tried of it. I can’t wait for the Z Pack to kick in and for this to go away. I still get light headed if I cough to hard or to long.

PostHeaderIcon Day after Christmas

I woke up this morning around 8:30am. Went into the bathroom and had another severe coughing attack. Ya know if I didn’t have this cough I would be feel great. (sigh) I must have coughed for 5 minutes. I woke Tom up and felt bad for him, he had worked so hard yesterday. When I finally came out he looked at me suggested I call the doctor and see if I couldn’t get a Z Pack. I didn’t think they would give me one, but I had to do something different.

So I went out into the family room got the doctors number and called. Dr. Jones was the on call doctor, after telling him everything I’d been through he asked me what antibiotic I took in the past. I said Z Pack, he said good I will order one for you. I was shocked and pleased at the same time. The real concern is me not getting in enough liquids.

At 10am I call Wal-Mart pharmacy they did get the order and had the Z Pack in liquid. Tom went to pick it up. When he got home he showed it to me. It’s pink, and said was flavored like bubble gum. Ok, I have to tell you, the first taste is bubble gum, after that it’s just plain nasty. I did a little walking around, took a long nap, played my new PS3 game DragonsAge Origin . Now I don’t know if it’s a mind game or not, but I don’t seem to be coughing as much. I am still coughing hard but not every 5 seconds. I really hope this works.

PostHeaderIcon Christmas Day!

Another Christmas has come and gone. Despite a winter snow storm on Christmas Eve the entire family was in attendance.

The day started with just our family Christmas in the morning Sarah and her Fiancee Jim spent the night due to the snow storm. Our son Tommy who works at our church had to work until 2:30 am but showed up around 8:15 am. I was up at 6 coughing. Doesn’t seem that Dayquil has help the cough at all.

We all had a great time opening presents and laughing it was a wonderful morning. My girls really stepped up to the plate helping their dad work on Christmas dinner. The rest of the family coming at 4 pm, my poor stomach muscles are killing me. Sometime I cough so hard I get dizzy and light headed.

It was great to have all 17 of us together this is no mean feet these days. Dinner was wonderful and I had cream of chicken yum. Everyone stayed until about 10 then started filtering out. While I was getting ready for bed, I had a severe cough attack. It was so bad that I not only was dizzy and light headed but almost threw up several times. I hadn’t had anything to eat that would have caused this. Maybe sleep will help.

PostHeaderIcon Home At Last

It’s about time I update this since it has been 5 days since the surgery. Friday morning we Tom my hubby, my daughter Lisa, met Mary at the hospital, I checked in and we were sent to a waiting area. Mary presented me with a binder she had made with tons of information and recipes she collected and used. I know we will use this for a long time.

My name was called and I went to I’m not sure what staging area is called. I changed into a gown, answered all the questions, donated blood, and then it was time to put the IV in. What an ordeal that was when it finally went in I guess blood spurted everywhere. Soon after Dr. Svendens stopped by, it was cool for him to see Mary after her weight loss, she made a shirt Body by Svendens and pictures were taken I was then whisked away.

Dr. Svendens said everything was routine. I was in recovery longer than anticipated 3 hours I think I was told. I guess I didn’t want to wake up. Once in my room there was the normal furry of activity of checking my vitals and such. Tom, Lisa and Mary came to my room it was so good to see them. I know I walked down the hall once that night, I ran into Ester she had emailed me on I really don’t remember much of that night.

Saturday Tom and Lisa stopped in morning and later Tom came back in the evening. Sunday the doctor came in and gave me ok to go home. I called Tom, the drain tube came out, that was a weird experience I must say. I packed up my stuff and met Tom downstairs. It was very nice to be home.

While in the hospital I developed a cough, and by Tuesday I was worried something was wrong. I was coughing so hard and wasn’t getting the 64oz of liquid in. I was lucky to be getting 30oz. She stated that phlegm was filling up my stomach making it harder to get the liquid in, but to try and get at least 40oz in. The cough just kept getting worse. By Thursday I call her back asking if there was anything I could for the cough. She said I could take Dayquil or Tylenol cold in liquid form. So I got some, bless my hubby\s heart he has been taking such great care of me.

PostHeaderIcon Today’s the day…

It’s 7am and I am up and wide awake. I have everything packed and ready to go. I don’t have to be at the hosptial until 9:50am the surgery is at 11:50. I am hoping I will have it, I seem to have gotten a cold but I feel good so maybe they won’t notice. Or it won’t interfear with anything, but I must say I am worried about it. If they do cancel it I will be devastated. This just has to happen this year. Hopefully it will be a go.

I’ve lost 13 pounds since I stared the liquid diet on December 8th. I already can feel more energy so I know this surgery will be just what I need to start really living again. I hope the next time I write I will have had the surgery.

PostHeaderIcon Worries and Ramblings

Yesterday I started my 10 day liquid diet. It wasn’t to bad but by mid afternoon I wondered how many days I’d been on the diet. There were only a couple of times when I felt hunger pangs. I’m hoping that’s as bad as it gets. This morning I made my carnation instant breakfast, I did find I have to make it a double doze so 16 oz instead of 8oz. I just keep telling myself this is all for a good cause I will make it through.

I thought I would write down some of my feelings so I will be rambling this is for me . These are things I’ve not shared with anyone because I don’t want to hear a pep talk. I know why I’m doing this, for my health and to have a productive life. Yet there is a part of me that is scared. I read a post that said you can not fail. While I agree that right after surgery you will not fail to lose the weight, realistically you can gain it back. But that’s not really what I’m worried about. I am worried about not making it through the surgery or dyeing right after. I’ve had many surgeries and while there was a concern there was really no fear, well at least I don’t remember there being one. But it’s there and I put it out there so maybe now it will just go away. Some things left unsaid seem to fester. Hopefully I can forget about it.

I am worried how things with change with the family. My old eating habits will go away, and my eating partner will still be there able to eat all things I used to eat. He is excited for me and wants me healthy and is already looking for ways to help. But I am concerned somewhere down the road things might change. I hope not.

I worry that I will have a rough time with eating afterwards. I’ve read the forums and heard some of the horror stories and I just pray that doesn’t happen to me. I’m scared that after I lose the weight I will be ugly. That my face will have fallen so much I will no longer be attractive to my husband, and that he will be grossed out by all the loose skin. I am planning down the road to have plastic surgery so that will be a short term thing. The body extra skin you can hide pretty well while in public, but the face.. that you can’t hide. I’m really not a vain person, but I’m told now I have a pretty face, I just don’t want to like an old hag. Silly yes I know.. But I do think about it. Is it fear enough for me to stop the surgery.. No!

Today is day 3 of the liquid diet, and I have to tell you I am sooo hungry. Nothing is satisfying, I left the doctors office yesterday around 4:30ish after by Pre Op physical and blood draw. This thought popped into my head.. Swing by McDonalds and get a hamburger. Of course I didn’t but it scared me that I even thought to do it. Each day is ticking by, and really the 18th will be here before I know it. I am worried my surgery will be postponed. The doctor could be sick, or some of his crew, or even the blood tests that were just ordered might showing something.. I will be devastated if it is postponed or canceled.

Ok enough rambling… tomorrow will be a better day..