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PostHeaderIcon It’s been One Month!

It’s been a month since my surgery. I’m down 35 pounds woot!! Aside from the cough I have had since the day after surgery I’ve done well with only a few minor bumps. I only found one thing that hasn’t agreed with me and that is tuna. It tastes good but gives me an upset stomach everything I’ve eaten it. So for now it off the list, I’ll try it in a few more months. My favorite thing is refried beans with greek yogurt, and salsa. Some things that were harder for me when I was at my highest weight have now become easier. I am really glad I did this, and wish I hadn’t waited so long. I’m looking forward to the future.

PostHeaderIcon First day back at work

Today was my first day back at work. On one hand it felt like I’d been gone forever, but on the other hand it was like I hadn’t been gone for 3 weeks. I was glad I decided not to let everyone know I was back. I had several problems that needed correcting and some reports run. Not to mention people stopping by to ask how things were going. It was really nice to see everyone again. By the end of the day I was tired, I guess that was to be expected.

I did much better getting my liquids down. It’s about 9:30 pm and have just about gotten 60oz in. YAY me!! I’ve lost 36 pounds and for the first time I weigh less than my driver’s license. It’s a nice feeling. But some how I’m not as happy as I thought I would be. I guess I thought I would have lost more. I’m worried that this will fail yet again. I know I’m being silly but tonight it’s really bothering me. I’m a little down and I don’t know why.

PostHeaderIcon Avatar… Oh it was good

Back the theater we go!! We were assured yesterday that Avatar would be working today. So we went back. True to their word the movie was working. I have to say I really missed having popcorn. It smelled so good.

Avatar was excellent and the 3D made it. It would be good with out the 3D but with it, it was so much better. I would like to see at least one more time.

My coughing isn’t as bad, but still there. I was able to time the coughs either during loud sounds or when no one was talking. I don’t think I disturbed to many people.

It was nice getting out of the house for a little while.

PostHeaderIcon Sherlock Holmes

Lisa has this weekend off so we decided to go see the movie Avatar, so being the procrastinators we are we had to rush to the theater. Only to find out there was a problem in the theater that was showing the 3D version. After talking it over we decided to see Sherlock Holmes. We had to wait an hour before it started so Tom took Lisa over to MacDonlads for some lunch. I stayed at the theater, I’m not sure I am ready to smell Macd’s just yet.

The move was good, though I think I could have easily waited for it come out on DVD.

PostHeaderIcon New Years Day

Happy New Year 2010!!! Wow 2010 I remember when that date seems soooo very far away. It was another quite day of drinking, coughing, drinking, more coughing. Argh I wish this would go away.

Tom made pea soup with ham and I had a ¼ cup with the ham and oh my it was good. There was quite a bit left over so he packaged it up into smaller containers. He and I are the only ones that like the soup. I will be enjoying it again I’m sure.

I hope you have a wonderful Year! I am looking forward to all the changes that are coming my way.