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PostHeaderIcon 12th Wedding Anniverary

This weekend is our 12th Wedding Anniversary and I thought it would be fun to do something a little more special than our usual go out for dinner and movie. So I did a search for Bed and Breakfast in Minnesota. I found lots of lovely places to go. I thought it would be nice to get out of the twin cities and go someplace we hadn’t been before. I found The Candlelight Inn, in Red Wing Candlelight Inn . I was lucky to get a weekday rate which really helped out. We got the Queen Victoria Room and I was not disappointed. More on that later.

We left for Red Wing on Saturday 7-17-10 in the morning and took a leisurely drive stopping at a flee market where Tom got a microwave for is office, and I got a pair of earrings, we also picked up a couple of things for the kids. It was very sunny, hot, and humid, but the car’s A/C was a great relief. We pulled into Red Wing around 11:30 and set out to find a place for lunch. We decided on Maries it is in the Armory building. I had my doubts after entering the building but they were soon gone. The service was wonderful. I had the salad/soup buffet and Tom had a burger. The food was great! They were having a prime rib buffet that night so we decided that was where we would eat for dinner. After lunch we walked around downtown. Stopped in the Red Wing Shoe store, I was hoping to find some new shoes but I didn’t really like the styles and they didn’t fit well. Then we moved on to Uffda Shop, it was a very unique Scandinavian store I really enjoyed looking around. Then we moved on to some other shops, but the humidity was really getting to us so we decided to go the Red Wing Pottery store. It was a fairly large store it had not only the Red Wing Pottery but had other types of pottery as well. Attached to the store were a couple of gift stores. Just a cross the street was the factory where the pottery used to be made. Now it houses lots of little shops and antique stores. We spent quite a bit of time there.

At 4pm we headed over to the Candlelight Inn to check in. The furnishing were beautiful and as I said before we were not disappointed. Lynette the Inn Keeper was the sweetest person, we had a chance to talk at length during our stay. She is what I would have imagined an Innkeeper to be like. The bed was very comfortable and I felt like I slipped back into time.

We went back to Marie’s for dinner, however, this time we were not impressed with the food or the selection. Oh well live and learn. After dinner we went to see the Last Air Bender. It was good, but I could have waited for it come out on DVD. It moved a little slow and seem there might be 3 more movies to follow. After the movie we headed back to the Inn and to bed.

At 8:15 in the morning we were greeted to the sound of music outside our door, a basket with Coffee and delicious bran muffins were waiting for us. 9 am was breakfast, and what a feast it was, Apricot smoothie, then fresh toast made with French bread and ham, then a desert of pineapple upside down cake followed. I didn’t have the French toast, I received eggs and they were yummy. I did have a bite of Tom’s cake and it was to die for. We did meet the other guests and had a very nice conversation. After breakfast Lynette came out and told us about the history of the house. Then we were free to go.

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, I don’t remember the last time I really enjoyed myself this much. I wouldn’t mind staying at more Bed and Breakfasts.

PostHeaderIcon 6 Months – Down 101

It’s been little over 6 months since my surgery. I got on the scale this morning and finally broke the 100 pound mark. I was thrilled beyond belief to see I had lost 101 pounds. Unless you’ve been through this you can’t fully understand how I feel, and to be perfect honest a part of me didn’t think it was possible. But the scale doesn’t lie. I did a happy dance after I stepped off, to my family enjoyment. I still have a long way to go, but I have come a long too.

Thoughts after the 6 month surgaversary

There are so many wonderful things and a few things that I miss.

What do I miss? Bread, sandwiches, French fries, hamburgers and hot dogs with the bun (see the bred thing)

What I’ve gained –
Enjoying walking, I can walk longer than 15 minutes with out pain in my back.
Wearing smaller clothes, I put on one of my hubbies tee-shirts and it was a little big. YAY
Having more energy, I’m actually shopping in stores now and not just online.
Fitting in theater seats and my legs not touching the arm rests.
Tying my shoes with out straining
Walking up stairs and not being out of breath
There are so many more.. but the biggest thing –
Feeling good about myself, looking in the mirror and smiling instead of cringing at that large person.

Here is a shot of me starting with the day of surgery, 3 months, 6 months..