PostHeaderIcon 6 Months – Down 101

It’s been little over 6 months since my surgery. I got on the scale this morning and finally broke the 100 pound mark. I was thrilled beyond belief to see I had lost 101 pounds. Unless you’ve been through this you can’t fully understand how I feel, and to be perfect honest a part of me didn’t think it was possible. But the scale doesn’t lie. I did a happy dance after I stepped off, to my family enjoyment. I still have a long way to go, but I have come a long too.

Thoughts after the 6 month surgaversary

There are so many wonderful things and a few things that I miss.

What do I miss? Bread, sandwiches, French fries, hamburgers and hot dogs with the bun (see the bred thing)

What I’ve gained –
Enjoying walking, I can walk longer than 15 minutes with out pain in my back.
Wearing smaller clothes, I put on one of my hubbies tee-shirts and it was a little big. YAY
Having more energy, I’m actually shopping in stores now and not just online.
Fitting in theater seats and my legs not touching the arm rests.
Tying my shoes with out straining
Walking up stairs and not being out of breath
There are so many more.. but the biggest thing –
Feeling good about myself, looking in the mirror and smiling instead of cringing at that large person.

Here is a shot of me starting with the day of surgery, 3 months, 6 months..

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