PostHeaderIcon Working Out!

A while ago I decided I needed to start exercising. So Lisa and I joined Lifetime Fitness, thinking motivation in numbers would be a good thing. Mary just loves Zumbia so we tried that. Lisa liked it, but I didn’t care for it all that much. It was to hard for me to learn all the step on the fly. I know if I kept going I would get it, but, it just didn’t really see worth it to me. I also tried Soul Grooves which is similar to Zumbia but didn’t seem as fast paced, Hip hop was interesting but I found I just really don’t care for group classes. Then Lisa and I tried using a trainer. We got Kristi. She is a petite thing and a ball of fire. Let me tell you she can put us through our paces. I look forward to going each Wednesday. Well ok, some days I don’t want to go, and even though I am tired after the working with her I do feel better. Here are a few pictures of us working out.

Kim working the Arms

Kim working the legs

Go Lisa Go!

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